Build Your Own Scooter

There are a number of websites present on the internet that provide people with scope of building their own scooter. You can easily build your own scooter by making use of the information provided by these websites. The websites generally have custom scooter builders designed for helping individuals build their custom scooters from compatible parts. These builders can easily be used for creating partial or complete set ups. Having very good knowledge about the parts will instill confidence in you and it will also give you good idea about the fact that everything will go on smoothly. The steps that you need to take when trying to build your own scooter include:

Selecting the Deck

Decks are not compatible with various types of headsets and forks always. Therefore, if you are unable to get hold of the deck of your choice, you might have to change the headset or the fork. The best deck for a good custom scooter is the 5 Starr Theory deck which is quite strong, possesses equal weight distribution and most importantly, it is quite affordable. This deck features 2 degree concave which provides great control and traction. This deck is also quite roomy providing sufficient foot space.

Build Your Own ScooterSelecting the Bar

Bars do not tend to be compatible with different varieties of compression sets, forks and clamps. Thus, you need to change the compression set, clamp or fork in order to get the bar of your choice. APEX BOL bar is certainly the best and the most famous bar when it comes to building custom scooters in the US. The bar has been named after Jesse Boland-rider from APEX team. This bar easily fits on the scooters featuring SCS and HIC compression.

Selecting the Fork

Forks do not go well with all headsets, compression sets, bars and decks and therefore it is important to change these parts in order to get the best fork. Urban Art Kompressor is considered the lightest fork for custom scooters. The diameter of this fork is 1 1/8 inches and it has been specially designed for HIC, ICS and SCS compressions.

Selecting the Headset

Headsets do not always go with all decks and forks and therefore it is essential that you change the deck or the fork in order to get a headset of your choice. Highly professional riders can go for the FSA Pig DH sealed threadless headset because it is quite smooth and at the same time very strong. The headset possesses very strong bearing and fits all types of threadless forks with 1 1/8 inches diameter.

Selecting the Clamp

Clamps are not attuned to all types of bars and thus it is necessary to change the bars in order to use clamps of your choice. The tilted oversized scooter clamp is the best for custom scooters because it possesses just 2 bolts and has the strength of three clamps. The clamp has specially been designed for the scooters with oversized bars and even for the scooter bars made out of aluminum.

Selecting the Compression System

The compression system has to be chosen by keeping in mind the fact that it does not always work well with a bar or a fork. Changes have to be made to the bar or the fork in order to use desirable compression systems. SCS or Proto Baby Standard Compression System is considered the best for custom scooters. This is because it is 3 inches tall and thus it is quite suitable for the forks featuring short steerer tubes.

Selecting the Front and the Rear Wheels

Go for the Proto Gripper Brandon Kilbury Signature wheel when making the choice of front wheel for your custom scooter. This front wheel is excellent for scooters as it features more grip even on very smooth surfaces. The same brand of wheels can also be used for choosing the rear wheel of your custom scooter.

The Final Steps

The final steps that you need to follow when learning how to build your own scooter include selecting the grip, grip tape, the front left peg, the front right peg, the rear left peg and the rear right peg.

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